Homeowners Association

Voyageurs Retreat Homeowners Association is an owner governed Homeowners Association.  The Voyageurs Retreat Homeowners Association serves the Voyaguers Retreat community in accordance to the Voyageurs Retreat Master Declaration and Master Rules. Our goal is to preserve the natural aspects of the area and maintain the operations of the development, making our neighborhoods safe and inviting. Each year, an annual meeting is held in the spring or early summer.  The elected board meets monthly.  Meeting are open to owners and are posted on the CAG website. CAG is a homeowners association management group contracted to assist with management and accounting. All owners are required to read, understand, and follow all Master Documents.

Elected Community Board
Kevin Riess-President
Steve Scheuring- Vice President
Scott Urick- Secretary
Kathy Whitbeck- Treasurer
Dave Wain- Member at Large

Voyageurs Retreat Documents pertaining to Meeting minutes and other documents can be found on the CAG website. Log in required. 


The role of the Architectural Committee is not to control the inside layout of each home, but to assure that the exterior and siting of each home meets minimum standards and is complementary to the immediate settlement and the larger Voyageurs Retreat community.  All rules and building types must be followed as declared by the HOA Master Declaration for any past, present, or future construction.  Well over 50 structues have been built following these rules.  The ARC strives to guide permitted construction while preserving the natural beauty of the area.  

The standards have been created to enhance the value of the homes and settlements within certain construction requirements, not to limit the creative spirit of its builders and residents. The standards are intended to encourage compatible design solutions, within the floor, site and landscape plans, and exterior styles of the proposed homes.

All construction (inlcuding sheds, driveway installation, land clearing, and landscaping) requires ARC notification and approval before work commences.  No exceptions.  Fee only charged for main structure review and all building construction needs to follow the ARC rules (design variances are not granted).


Architecture and Landscape Review Committee

Contact Community Association Group, Inc. for submission form
4672 Slater Road
Eagan, MN 55122